ESA/Section 7 - Publications
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Endangered Species and the Use of a Biological Opinion During Oil Spill Response 2005 Bernard, M.P., Strach, R., Fahy, C., Rusin, J., Coley, T.C., Brege, D., Sheldrake, B., Bailey, D. IOSC 2005
Endangered Species and Spill Response: Consultation Challenges, Solutions, and Recommendations Resulting from the Bouchard B. No. 120 Spill 2005 Lundgren, S.R., Coley, T.C., Lehmann, S.M., McCollough, M.A., von Oettingen, S.L. IOSC 2005
Addressing the Uncertainty and Requirements for Oil Spill Response Consultations 2014 Benggio, B., Scholz, D., Anderson, D., Dillon, J., Masson, G., Nelson, L., Odess, D., Petras, E. IOSC 2014
Endangered Species Act (ESA) Consultations, Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) Consultation, and Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Technique (SCAT) 2014 Doelling, P. Clean Gulf Conference 2014